Murals have the ability to transform a wall into something beautiful like an outdoor scene or they can serve as a billboard for your products. In a museum setting murals can create a time and place giving the viewer a glimpse into a time from long ago. They can show a habitat of an animal or turn a hallway into an educational venue. Whether it be for your museum, home or business, we can offer a variety of options that are custom made to your needs.


No matter how big or small your mural needs are, WE ARE YOUR MURAL SOURCE.

We offer everything you need to create your custom mural:

  • Museum Murals
  • Corporate Murals
  • Scientific Murals
  • Educational Murals
  • Zoo Murals
  • Business Murals
  • Historical Murals
  • Wildlife Murals
  • Public Aquarium Murals
  • Home Murals
  • Landscape Murals
  • Aquatic Murals

Murals and Dioramas for the

Bryce Wildlife Museum at Bryce Canyon National Park

These are just a few samples of over 17 dioramas created for the museum.

Murals and Dioramas for the

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum St. George, Utah

These exhibits were created on, around and inside a two story high artificial mountain that showcases wildlife from around the world.

Mural for

BassPro – Las Vegas, Nevada

Dioramas for

Churchill County Museum – Fallon, Nevada

This exhibit, called, Life Pathways, was a walk-thru diorama that explained the hardships of pioneers and Native American life at Stillwater Marsh.

Dioramas for

Northeastern Nevada Museum – Elko, Nevada

This exhibit was based on a Mastodon skeleton found in Elko and the diorama was made to show the animal at life-size as well as what the area may have looked like back then.

Murals for

Texas State Aquarium

Murals for

Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo asked me to paint a mural on a city block long Magnet School that was visible across the street from the zoo. They had plans to landscape it

but wanted more instant results. This building was white before I hid it in a mural.